Friday, January 20, 2012

Tecolote Book Shop

Last weekend, I stopped by Tecol0te Book Shop in the upscale community of Santa Barbara known as Montecito. I've recently learned that Tecolote Book Shop has been in business some 80+ years! I love supporting independent bookstores and in the Santa Barbara community it seems that independent bookstores are the only brick and mortar bookstores in town since Borders and Barnes & Noble have left the scene.

Tecolote Book Shop is a small, quaint bookstore with lots of charm and friendly staff. Tecolote Book Shop has the latest hardback books for sale, fiction and nonfiction paperbacks, a nice sized children's and young adult section, and small travel section. Tecolote Book Shop also periodically offers author/book signing events.

Tecolote Book Shop Store Front
Tecolote Book Shop is located in a cute shopping center that offers views of surrounding mountains and a green area with water fountain and area to sit and enjoy nature.

Contact phone number the Tecolote Book Shop is (805) 969-4977.

Water Fountain & Green Area Just Outside of Tecolote Book Shop
Here's an interesting factoid for you! Tecolate is an Aztec word meaning "Owl".

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