Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do you want a famous author as your pen pal?

I recently came across an interesting article titled, "For five bucks, you can make a famous author your pen pal", written by

Letter writers will include Dave Eggers, Marc Maron, Stephen Elliott, Janet Fitch, Nick Flynn, Margaret Cho, Cheryl Strayed, Wendy MacNaughton, Emily Gould, Tao Lin, and Jonathan Ames." To learn more about the Letters in the Mail subscription program, click on the links above.

Most of the authors listed above are ones I've never even heard of before. The Rumpus is also a new literary website to me as well. A whole new world awaits! Ah, the joys of discovering new authors and literary websites!

1 comment:

  1. This sounded fantastic until I read 'printed' letter. To me, that's not a letter at all; that's an essay mass-distributed. Probably still nice to read (those are some good authors), but a little misleading.