Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Admit It.... I'm a Book Buying Addict!!

I think I need a 12 twelve step program or at least some sort of goal to significantly curb my love of buying books. And here's why! I just now realized that I've purchased 20 books so far this year and it's only the end of January. Sure, 5 of the 20 books were gifts I purchased for other people and the remaining 15 books are for my reading pleasure.... But believe me when I write that I don't need anymore books to read at this time. I already have at least 100+ books waiting to be read.

Granted, I never pay full price for books any more and most of the books I've purchased this year have come from our local Friends of the Library Used Bookstore here in Carpinteria (ranging in price from 25 cents to 2 dollars a piece) or some other used bookstore. While the rest of the books were purchased from Amazon's website at a significant reduction off the cover price... I do love finding bargain prices on new books too. Bargain price or not, I need a plan.

So, the BIG QUESTIONS here for me are:

1) How many of you reading this post are also book buying lovers like me? Tell me about your situation.

2) What goals (if any) have you made to curb your love of buying books and have they worked? 

Personally, I think I should start by making the goal of not buying anymore books for myself for the rest of 2012. Then I shall solely focus on my love of reading for the rest of the year  (and on my newly found love of blogging!!). I'll then assess my 2012 reading efforts at the beginning of next year to see how I'm doing in reducing my to be read pile. Wish me luck! 

Until my next post happy reading!


  1. *Stands up and faces the audience* Hello, my name is Mozette and I'm a book-buying-addicted person. I can't walk past a yard sale, garage sale, bookstore, secondhand bookstore or any place that looks like it even sells anything looking like a book.
    I used to be ashamed of this behaviour, but in recent years - since I moved out of home aged 29 in fact - have found that my addiction has filled a room with books; and my collection has passed 1,000 books.
    Now, each year I read around 20 books and out of those books, I keep around 3 and give the rest away to people and other Bookcrosser... and then, I make sure I don't buy too many books. I keep a running total of how many books I buy on my blog each month (so I know how many I have added to my collection). Also, I have been known to take a photo of my collection and take the photos with me when I go to bookstores to remind me of what is at home waiting for me; so I don't buy anymore books (or as few books as possible).
    I hope this helps you in your addiction in your book-buying. I has for me - well sometimes it does, but not always. *shuffles back into the shadows, picks up a book and begins reading it with a reading light attached to my forehead*

    1. Thank you Mozette for the reply. I like your idea of bringing a picture of my books with me when I go into a bookstore to help remind me not to buy any books! Maybe this will help me. I also think bringing my wishlist with me on book buying trips will be helpful as well beause I have a long wishlist. This way I can focus on buying the books I want, instead of random book buys of books that look good to read at that time!!

      My husband comes along frequently on my bookstore adventures and I know he'll help me make the right choice!