Friday, January 27, 2012

Margaret Atwood --- Author Spotlight!!


I have been reading Margaret Atwood's novels, poetry and short stories for numerous years now. I first became acquainted with her body of work in college while enrolled in a women in literature course. We were required to read one of her short stories entitled "Rape Fantasies", which I thought was edgy/risque at the time. I've been hooked on Margaret Atwood's writing ever since. I've yet to read everything she has published to date, but look forward to doing so at some point. So far, I'd say The Handmaid's Tale or Oryx & Crake are my favorite novels written by Margaret Atwood.

I found the above YouTube link interesting to watch because Margaret Atwood discusses her "creative process".... It's always interesting to learn how authors you enjoy reading write their books!


  1. Interesting video. She is not at all how I pictured her. I loved The Handmaid's Tale. Aside from that, I'm not sure if I've read anything else she's written.

    I found the idea of the rolling barrage fascinating.

  2. I thought it was interesting to hear Margaret Atwood say she isn't a good speller or typist. I guess I sort of assumed that a writer would be great at both.