Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Reading Goals -- Quality verses Quantity

Since 2009, I've set an annual reading goal for myself each year. The past three years, my annual reading goal was super simple ~ Read 52 books! ~ That was it!

I never specified which books I'd read throughout the year, the types of genres I'd read or whether the books I read were fiction or nonfiction. All that really mattered to me was that I read 52 books in a calendar year and that I kept track of what I read to see if I reached my reading goal by the end of the year. If I happened to read 52 books or more, Yippee! If not, oh well, I'd try again the following year to read 52 books.

This year I've yet to set any sort of reading goal for myself as I need a change of pace this year. I have 200+ unread books waiting to be read as I also love buying books, as much as I love reading them. So, I end up obtaining books more quickly than I am able to read through.

I like the idea of reading 52 books a year, as reading a book a week on average is easy enough to accomplish. However, I'm leaning towards reading for quality, not quantity this year because sometimes I end up choosing to read books that are shorter in length or less thought provoking so that I can read through them quickly just to help meet my annual reading goal and keep pace with my love of book buying.

Do you make annual reading goals each year? If so, please share your reading goal!

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