Monday, May 29, 2017

The Spookshow by Tim McGregor

Paranormal eBook
I finished reading ebook edition of The Spookshow by Tim McGregor. I enjoyed reading this paranormal, supernatural novel that is approximately 162 pages in length.

I was able to download a FREE copy of The Spookshow by Tim McGregor to my Kindle from Amazon.

Below is my honest, unbiased review of The Spookshow by Tim McGregor.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Spookshow by Tim McGregor. My only major complaint was the ending of this novel as it doesn't have what I would call an appropriate ending. Meaning that it contained the typical cliffhanger ending, which I do not enjoy at all in books.

The characters, story, and plot twists were all decent otherwise for The Spookshow by Tim McGregor. If you like paranormal books filled with supernatural events and ghosts, then you'll most likely enjoy reading this book.

The following is a plot summary for The Spookshow by Tim McGregor from Amazon:
When her dormant psychic abilities are awakened by a near-death experience, a young woman discovers, to her horror, that she can now see the dead. Terror turns to chaos when the ghosts begin stalking her and the paranormal bleeds into every aspect of her life.

THE SPOOKSHOW is a macabre, fast-paced supernatural series about how the paranormal disrupts one woman's fate. Billie Culpepper is drifting through her own life when her latent psychic ability is suddenly awakened, allowing her to see ghosts. But the dead can also see her, and they demand to be heard. As Billie struggles to adapt, dark secrets about her past threaten not only her own future, but that of her friends as well. 
Download the first book in the occult fantasy Spookshow series for free. If you like supernatural mysteries, dark romance and dark family secrets, then you'll dig the Spookshow.
I am giving The Spookshow by Tim McGregor a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post happy reading!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Speed Reading Tips

Ever wanted to learn how to speed read?? The check out the following article from Bustle's website titled, 9 Speed Reading Tips To From A Professional Book Reviewer by Sadie L. Trombetta. In the article, Sadie L. Trombetta wrote the following:
On average, the reading speed in the U.S. is 200-300 words per minute, or approximately one-half to one page per minute. Those considered to be fast readers can increase that speed to 400 words per minute, but that still means it would take over two and a half hours to read an average length book, about 64,000 words. (Given the amount of time we spend sitting in front of Netflix and binge-watching shows, 160 minutes may not seem like a long time, but for most people, sitting still for that long when it isn't for the Gilmore Girls revival can feel like an impossible eternity.)
Speed readers, however, can cut that time down by more than half, and with can reach speeds of up to 1,000 words per minute. While it's true that reading faster can result in lower levels of comprehensions, with practice, speed reading can be an effective tool for getting through more text in less time.
I do not know how to speed read and am not sure I want to learn how to speed read. I've heard of a few of the speed reading tips suggested in Sadie L. Trombett'a article though.

Do you know how to speed read? If so, what are the benefits you've gained from reading books? If you don't know how to speed read, do you want to learn how to speed read and why do you want to do so?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

11 Books All About Books

I discovered an exciting to me article this morning on Bustle's website!!! The article is titled, 11 Books All About Books, Perfect For Book Lovers by E. Ce Miller.  The article, E. Ce Miller wrote the following:
This might be just a tad meta, but I am a book-lover who really loves books about books. You know what I’m talking about: the novels that tell stories about elbow patch-wearing librarians or sassy neighborhood book clubs, the memoirs filled with anecdotes about how reading really can transform and save your life, the nonfiction books that dive into the history of classic novels or the evolution of language. I’ve even been known (OK, just the one time) to read an entire book about paper — yes, paper. That’s how much I love books (and the material they’re written on.) Basically, it doesn’t get more delightfully book nerdy than these must-read books about books that book lovers will love. They’re kind of like those chocolate brownies that have chocolate chips baked into the batter — which, come to think of it, go really well alongside a good book.
I love reading books and the idea of reading books about books is delightful. I've heard of several of the books mentioned in E. Ce Miller's article and have even read one of the books titled The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer... In fact, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer was a very delightful novel to read. I would highly recommend reading this novel if you haven't read it already.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore in Berkeley, California!

I love visiting independent bookstores and supporting small businesses! So, on Sunday, May 21, 2017 (which just so happened to be my birthday), my hubby and I visited Mrs. Dalloway's independent bookstore in Berkeley, California.

I love the layout of Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore. This bookstore has a very cozy and inviting space to enjoy browsing and reading books... I could definitely envision myself sitting quietly and reading a new book while visiting this bookstore. 

I also thought the in store displays at Mrs. Dalloway were wonderful and offered a wide selection of books for varied interests. The staff on hand were friendly and efficient. 

I also enjoy the fact that Mrs. Dalloway's has many author events in their bookstore!

My hubby purchased two books for me for my birthday from Mrs. Dalloway's that I want to read; Quirky Berkeley by Tom Dalzwell and a signed copy of The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti.

Below is a little bit more about Mrs. Dalloway's bookstore from their website:
Mrs. Dalloway’s is a vibrant, full-service, independent neighborhood bookstore located in the beautiful, historic Elmwood District of Berkeley. The store was founded in 2004 when longtime friends and residents of the Elmwood, Marion Abbott and Ann Leyhe, decided to pool their passions, talents, and resources.
The store’s name derives from the first line of Virginia Woolf’s 1925 novel, Mrs. Dalloway: “Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.”
Spacious and inviting, Mrs. Dalloway’s offers an exciting and diverse selection of titles—both comprehensive and contemporary— and is renowned for its skillfully curated fiction, non-fiction, poetry, garden book and children’s book sections, all of which feature a remarkable and relevant variety of rare and innovative small presses, including handmade selections from Another Book Room, curated by Lucy Childs.
From the day we opened our doors, our bookstore fostered a sense of community. Today, Mrs. Dalloway’s hosts over 150 stellar in-store author events each year, serving as a dynamic cultural center and resource for its neighborhood, its ever-expanding and devoted customer base, and as an outreach to the San Francisco Bay Area literary community.
Mrs. Dalloway’s outgoing and talented booksellers are passionate about reading, love to share their eclectic tastes with illuminating staff picks, and are most happy when engaged in book talk.
Have you visited any independent bookstores lately???

Monday, May 22, 2017

Little Free Library in Berkeley, California!!

Yesterday was my birthday... And one of the things I decided to do was find and leave a book inside of a Little Free Library in Berkeley, California. Lucky for me, Berkeley, California has a ton of Little Free Libraries!! The biggest decision for me, was on deciding which Little Free Library to leave a book inside of during my visit to Berkeley, California.

I also enjoyed visiting the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden and an independent bookstore, Mrs. Dalloway, with my hubby on my birthday.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Haunted by Ann-Marie King

Paranormal Novella
I finished reading Haunted by Ann-Marie King, which is a paranormal novella.

I downloaded Haunted by Ann-Marie King to my Kindle for Free from Amazon.

Below is my honest, unbiased review of Haunted by Ann-Marie King.

I wasn't impressed with Haunted by Ann-Marie King once I'd finished reading it. It needs editing work for sure. Plus, I didn't like the cliffhanger ending... I've never been a fan of cliffhanger endings! 

I also felt that Haunted by Ann-Marie King was super slow paced and the author kept harping on the same themes of what was in Jayden's grandma's attic (which we never find out about), Jayden's amnesia, Jayden's need to get through high school to go to college, and so on. 

The characters weren't that great in Haunted by Ann-Marie King... I felt this novella had such potential to be a great read, but just fell short.

The following is a plot summary for Haunted by Ann-Marie King from Amazon:
“In the ghost town of Beckford, what you don’t know can haunt you…”BOOK 1 - HAUNTED
Jayden Morgan has no memory of her haunted past. All she wants is a normal life. But when she goes to stay by her estranged grandmother in the small spirit-town of Beckford, strange things begin to happen: 
1. She meets and falls irrevocably in love with Trey, a gorgeous stranger, unaware that he’s a ghost; 
2. She learns the mystery of the town’s haunted high school may have a deadly connection to her missing memory; and
3. Trey tells her he’d been sent to watch over her…but can she really trust him?
I am giving Haunted by Ann-Marie King a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Love Attending Literary Events!! Do You?!?!

I've attended several literary events on college campuses and more author signings at independent bookstores than I can recall over the years... My favorite literary event to date has been the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California. 

I've attended the Bay Area Book Festival in 2015 and 2016 and look forward to attending the Bay Area Book Festival once again next month.

I'm always on the look out for other awesome literary events to attend in the future. So when I came across another wonderful article on Bustle's website titled, 13 Literary Events Every Book-Lovers Needs To Attend In Their Lifetime by Sadie Trombetta, I was excited to see which literary events made the list. There are several literary events that made the list that I would love to attend in the future.... Like the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the Agatha Christie Festival, and BookExpo America!!

Which literary events have you attended? Which literary events have you enjoyed visiting the most?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Reading Can Help You Cope With Anxiety

Reading can most definitely help with anxiety!! I came across an article on Bustle titled, 5 Ways Reading Can Help You Cope With Anxiety by Sadie Trombetta. In the article, Sadie Trombetta wrote the following about anxiety:
Anxiety, normally a common and healthy reaction to stress, can be helpful in under certain circumstances, but for some people, it can easily go from beneficial to overwhelming and damaging in a moment. For those who suffer from an anxiety disorder, it can feel like an extreme high-level stress brought on by situational circumstances, suffocating pressure that becomes a constant hum in the background to everyday life, or even a crippling physical reaction that can feel like a heart attack. No matter how it manifests, it becomes a powerful negative influence over day-to-day living, and coping with the symptoms can be a serious challenge.

Despite the fact that it's highly treatable, only about a third of people seek treatment for anxiety disorder. That leaves a large part of the population — approximately 26.6 million people — suffering. Although it's often stigmatized and ignored, mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated accordingly, and lovingly. If you think you are struggling with anxiety disorder, you should speak to your health care providers about your options. Your health, your body, and your mind matter, and you have a right to take care of it.
If you suffer from anxiety disorder, the tunnel of mental illness can feel long, dark, and unending, but there are things you can do to feel better. Luckily for book nerds, books is one of the best treatments.
Click on the very top link to read the five ways in which reading cam help with anxiety!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Baking is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries #1) by Kathy Cranston

I read the ebook edition of Baking is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries #1) by Kathy Cranston in 2 days.

I was able to download Baking is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries #1) by Kathy Cranston to my Kindle for FREE from Amazon.

Below is my honest, unbiased review of Baking is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries #1) by Kathy Cranston.

I enjoyed reading Baking is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries #1) by Kathy Cranston. It's a fun cozy mystery novel with nice characters and good, solid storyline. I hope to read other books in the 'Bee's Bakehouse Series'.

The following is a plot summary for Baking is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries #1) by Kathy Cranston from Amazon:
Jessie Henderson's childhood vacation town is as perfect as she remembers... until a dead body shows up.
It was supposed to be a fresh start after losing her job and getting divorced. At first, Springdale is every bit as quirky and idyllic as Jessie remembers. Her Aunt Bee is just as crazy and her baking is as delicious as ever.
And then a murder changes everything. The whole point of Jessie's move was to enjoy a quiet, small town life. She knows she shouldn't get involved, but she can't help it. One of her new friends is the prime suspect and nobody else seems interested in helping her. Can Jessie save her friend and avoid putting herself in danger in the process?
Baking is Murder is the first book in the Bee's Bakehouse Cozy Mystery series. Each book is a standalone mystery.
I am giving Baking is Murder (Bee's Bakehouse Mysteries #1) by Kathy Cranston a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

To Catch A Leaf by Kate Collins

Cozy Mystery Novel
I finished reading To Catch A Leaf by Kate Collins recently and enjoyed reading this cozy mystery novel that is the 12th book in 'A Flower Shop Mystery' series.

I've been reading 'A Flower Shop Mystery' series off and on for a few years now. I haven't been reading the novels in this series in chronological order... However, each novel I have read in 'A Flower Shop Mystery' series has been a fun read.

I like the main character of Abby Knight as she is a fun character to read about. I also enjoy Kate Collins's writing as she makes reading cozy mystery novels fun to read.

However, to date, To Catch A Leaf by Kate Collins is my least favorite novel in  'A Flower Shop Mystery' series. It wasn't that To Catch A Leaf was awful, it just didn't have all the pizzazz I'm used to finding in previous novels in this particular series. Plus, Abby's annoying cousin, Jillian, and Abby's annoying mother were just too much to read about in To Catch A Leaf!! I also figured out key themes/plot details along the way.

The following is a plot summary for To Catch A Leaf by Kate Collins from Amazon:
Flower shop owner Abby Knight is aglow with happiness now that she's officially engaged to her longtime beau, Marco Salvare. Nothing can possibly dampen her joy-until wealthy dowager Virginia Newport is killed, and Abby's assistant Grace Bingham is the prime suspect. The plot thickens when they stumble upon mysterious stolen art and a missing cat, all part of an elaborate heist. Before Abby can throw her bouquet, she'll have to save her friend and throw a killer and a thief in jail...
I am giving To Catch A Leaf by Kate Collins a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

Bookish Quote of the Day!!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders

Romance Novella eBook Edition
Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders is a romance novella approximately 96 pages in length.

I was able to download Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders to my Kindle for FREE from Amazon.

Below is my honest, unbiased review of Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders.

I first learned about Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders through an article on Bustle titled, A Colonel Sanders Romance Novella Is Being Released By KFC In Honor Of Mother's Day by Cristina Arreola.

I couldn't believe that Kentucky Friend Chicken actually came out with a romance novella featuring Colonel Harland Sanders as a character... I figured this novella would be super cheesy! Seriously, have you seen the book cover?? The book cover is super cheesy looking... However, Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders was FREE and a short read, so figured what did I have to lose? I could always stop reading this novella if it wasn't very good.

Surprisingly though, Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders was actually decent... It was not great by any means... The cover is cheesy and some minor editing and formatting issues need to be dealt with for Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders. As far as the plot and storyline, it wasn't too bad. I didn't understand why the main character of Lady Madeline Parker had to run away from home to get what she wanted... And I also felt like Lady Madeline Parker and Colonel Sanders's instalove/attraction was a bit cheesy, but what does one expect from a romance novella put out by KFC??

The following is a plot summary for Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders from Amazon:
When Lady Madeline Parker runs away from Parker Manor and a loveless betrothal, she finally feels like she is in control of her life. But what happens when she realizes she can’t control how she feels? When she finds herself swept into the arms of Harland, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past, Madeline realizes she must choose between a life of order and a man of passion. Can love overcome lies? What happens in the embrace of destiny, on the Tender Wings of Desire?
I am giving Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

Friday, May 5, 2017

50/50 Friday ~ Best/Worst Book Read in April

50/50 Friday is a meme hosted by Carrie @ The Butterfly Reads and Karen @ Blue Eye Books. This fun themed meme focuses on the opposite sides of books (best/worst, differing opinions, etc). Every week a new topic will give bloggers the chance to showcase their answers.

This week's topic is to highlight your Best/Worst Book Read In April 2017!

I read a total of 24 unique reads during the month of April... Several of them received 4 star ratings and several received 1 star ratings, so it's going to be tough deciding the best of the lot and the worst of the lot!

My Best Read for the Month of April is:

(Click above link to read my review)

My Worst Reads for the Month of April are:

(Click above link to read my review)

(Click above link to read my review)

Share your best and worst reads with me for the month of April 2017 in the comments section below.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Romance Novella Featuring Colonel Sanders has been released by KFC!

I discovered an article on Bustle's website titled, A Colonel Sanders Romance Novella Is Being Released By KFC In Honor Of Mother's Day by Cristina Arreola. In the article, Cristina Arreola wrote:
If you, like me, are wondering why KFC is so invested in the Mother's Day game, the answer is pretty simple: it's the restaurant chain's best-selling day of the year. According to a press release from the company, KFC experiences a 40% jump in sales and serves around 380,000 families on Mother's Day.
Who knew Mother's Day was KFC's bestselling day of the year? Certainly not me!

Right now on Amazon, you can download the ebook edition of KFC's new romance novella titled, Tender Wings of Desire, featuring Colonel Sanders. Tender Wings of Desire is 96 pages in length.

As a side note, I initially thought it was a hoax that KFC was publishing a romance novella featuring Colonel Sanders... But I guess it isn't a hoax after all. 

I find it both funny and a bit cheesy that KFC has published a romance novella featuring Colonel Sanders. Not sure if I'll read this novella or not... It is free right now, so why not? Worse case scenario I don't finish the novella and best case scenario is the novella is better than expected.

Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren

Cozy Mystery eBook Novella
I read the ebook edition of Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren, which is the first cozy mystery novella in 'A Holly Winter Mystery' series. This novella is approximately 60 pages in length.

I was able to download Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren to my Kindle for FREE from Amazon.

Below is my honest, unbiased review of Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren.

I didn't like Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren at all. It took me forever to read this novella, it was so bad! The formatting for this ebook sucked and it disrupted the flow of the entire flow of the entire novella... Additionally, this novella needs some editing work as well. 

Most of the characters were so vain and narcissistic, that it was difficult to tolerate reading about them... And the plot was bad!! I felt like the author stole some of her plot ideas from other books as elements of Snowed In With Death didn't seem so original to me. 

Suffice it say, nothing clicked for me when it came to reading Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren. I will not be reading any of the other books in the series.

The following is a plot summary for Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren from Amazon:
Getting snowed in with six private detectives in a remote house in Scotland is actually the stuff of Holly’s daydreams. An enthusiastic amateur sleuth herself, she is thrilled to have won the chance to attend the annual meeting of the best private detectives in the country.
But before they even have a chance to start dinner, one detective is found dead with a knife in his chest and the killings have only just begun.
Holly and the professional private detectives are trapped in Horn Hill House and everyone knows… there is a murderer in their midst!
Will Holly solve the case before her own time runs out?
I am giving Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren a rating of 1 star out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!