Saturday, December 16, 2017

Joyce Maynard ~ Author Speaking Event!!

The San Ramon Public Library has has some really cool author events and book signings this past quarter!

On the evening of Thursday, December 14, 2017 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, author, Joyce Maynard, spoke at the San Ramon Public Library and signed copies of her books afterward.

I've yet to read anything written by Joyce Maynard, but had heard of her as a writer before attending the speaking engagement two evenings ago.

I really enjoyed attending Joyce Maynard's speaking event... It was a lot of fun and Ms. Maynard had a lot of fun things to share with those of us who attended her talk.

Joyce Maynard started out by having us watch a short video and then went on to discussing her most recently published memoir titled, The Best of Us, which focuses on her marriage and the passing away of her husband due to pancreatic cancer. She then did a short reading of The Best of Us.

The bulk of the evening was Joyce Maynard interacting with the audience by asking us to ask her questions and then answering them. I learned a lot about Ms. Maynard... Like the fact that she has been writing and publishing her writing since she was 14 years old! I also learned that Joyce Maynard received a scholarship to attend Yale University, but dropped out during her freshman year to live with author J. D. Salinger! Her memoir At Home In The World is about her relationship with J. D. Salinger.

Above is a picture of me taken with Joyce Maynard after she signed copies of her books for me. I now have signed copies of Under The Influence (novel), Labor Day (novel), and At Home In The World (memoir). Joyce Maynard drew pictures inside each of the books she signed for me. I look forward to reading each of the novels!

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. Lovely picture of you two. I have not read her yet either but I knew of the memoir about her and J D Salinger, because I am a Salinger fan and have watched the recent biography about him on Netflix.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!! I will make sure to review the books I read here on my blog once I've read them... I am curious to read what Joyce Maynard has to say about J. D. Salinger in more detail in her memoir.

  2. That's awesome that your library holds author events! None of my nearby libraries do that. I think...I should really look into it.

    1. It is pretty cool that our local public library offers author speaking events/new year... I am not sure if that is a new thing this quarter or not. Our public library was closed for over 2 years due to remodeling and reopened again in April of this year... And I can't remember if they had author signings before the remodeling happened.