Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Are These The 11 Worst Brats In Literature?

I came across an article on Electric Lit titled, The 11 Worst Brats in Literature by Natalee Cruz. In the article Natalee Cruz wrote the following: 
I wish this was an article about bratwürsts, but alas, in my reading I haven’t come across many references to hot dogs in literature (if you have, let me know). Instead, I want to highlight some of the würst brats — as in the child kind — in fiction. Like hot dogs, they are the result of some gloriously congealed nastiness, but they don’t need any condiments to spice things up. Of course, if I came across any of these trouble-makers in real life, I would likely find them unbearable. Safely tucked away in words and pages, however, the pranks, cackles, and uproar these brats bring to their stories makes for some choice reading.
Intrigued by the topic of the worst brats in literature, I decided to check out which bratty characters in literature made the list. I was familiar with some of the characters mentioned, but some of them I was not familiar with at all. 

I was, however, surprised that the character of Veruca Salt, from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, didn't make the list of worst brats in literature. Do you have a favorite brat from literature? Veruca Salt would be mine.


  1. Haha I actually have a special place in my heart for the brats in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They really do make the story what it is :) I forget what her name is, but I love the girl who chews the gum and is turned into a blueberry (Violet something or other I think).

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. It isn't Violet, it is Veruca Salt from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory too. I even mentioned that in my post.

  2. Good topic! I think for people of my generation, we learned to love brats from TV shows like The Little Rascals. I just woke up, so no favorite brats are coming to mind but I know I find myself entertained by them in books. Just don't marry one of them. Ha Ha.