Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Devil-Devil by G. W. Kent

Paperback Mystery Novel
I discovered Devil-Devil by G. W. Kent through Bookcrossing! In fact, I received a copy of Devil-Devil by G. W. Kent from a Bookcrosser as part of a bookray and blogged about 'The Joys of Bookcrossing'.

Devil-Devil is the first novel I've read by G. W. Kent. I enjoyed reading it very much. The writing and storytelling are very well done. I enjoyed the characters of Sergeant Ben Kella and Sister Conchita immensely.

The following is a plot summary for Devil-Devil by G. W. Kent from Amazon:
It's 1960 and Sergeant Ben Kella of the Solomon Islands police force is only a few days into a routine patrol of the most beautiful yet dangerous and primitive areas of the South Pacific. Yet, already, he has been cursed by a magic man, stumbled across evidence of a cult uprising and failed to find an American anthropologist who has been scouring the mountainous jungle in search of a priceless erotic icon.To complicate matters further, at a local mission station, Kella discovers the redoubtable Sister Conchita secretly trying to bury a skeleton, before a mysterious gunman tries to kill her.Mission-educated yet an aofia - the traditional peacemaker of the islands - Kella is forced to link up with Sister Conchita, an independent and rebellious young American nun, in order to track down the perpetrators of a series of bizarre murders . . .
I am giving Devil-Devil by G. W. Kent a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


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    1. I like the cover artwork for this novel as well. It makes it kind of fun to look at for sure.

  2. How fortuitous for you! Sounds like a great mystery in an exotic location.