Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bout of Books 20 Day 1 Update!

Bout of Books

Yesterday was the 1st day of Bout of Books 20!! I had a decent day of reading. I don't recall the amount of time I devoted to reading though as I actually didn't keep track of the time I did read. 

However, I did finish listening to the last 33% of an audiobook I'd started the week titled Hard Candy by Andrew Vachss and posted a review of it on my blog.

I also began reading a cozy mystery ebook last night titled, Dog Days Murderous Nights (Winnona Peaks Mysteries #1) by Emily Page. I am 36% of the way into Dog Days Murderous Nights (Winnona Peaks Mysteries #1) and am curious to see where it leads me.

I also participated in the following challenge given on Day 1 of Bout of Books 20. The Challenge was to describe yourself in 6 words. Here's how I described myself:

Avid reader, blogger, knitter, wife, daughter!

Are you participating in Bout of Books 20? If so, how was your first day of reading for this read-a-thon?

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