Monday, August 28, 2017

Bout of Books 20 Wrap Up Post

Bout of Books

Unfortunately, I've been too busy this past week to make daily update posts for Bout of Books 20 or participate in all of the challenges! Nor I did accomplish as much reading as I would have liked for this read-a-thon, but at least I had a good time reading during Bout of Books 20!

I was able to start and finishing reading Dog Days Murderous Nights (Winnona Peaks Mysteries #1) by Emily Page, which was a short story 59 pages in length.

I also started and finished listening to the unabridged audio version of Winter Men by Jesper Bugge Kold. This historical fiction novel, is very thought provoking. Listening time for Winter Men by Jesper Bugge Kold was 11 hours, 10 minutes.

I finished reading the last 33% of an audiobook titled Hard Candy by Andrew Vachss, that I had begun listening to prior to the start of Bout of Books 20.

I've made headway in another novel I'm reading titled Watch Me Go by Mark Wisniewski. I read about 70 more pages of this novel during Bout of Books 20.

I also participated in the 1st challenge on day 1, which was to describe yourself in six words. Here's how I described myself:

Avid reader, blogger, knitter, wife, daughter!

If you participated in Bout of Books 20, how did you fare this week in terms of reading? Did you meet your reading goals? Did you participate in any of the challenges?


  1. My accomplishment last week was finishing the first volume of Robert Caro's biography of Lyndon B Johnson. Very detailed, very long, but it also functions as a history of America from 1920 to 1941, emphasis on Texas. Three more volumes to go, or possibly four if he finishes his last one!

    1. Wow, I can imagine that it would be very detailed indeed. Thanks for sharing what you've been reading!!