Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mid August Update

I usually only make quarterly updates on my reading stats... But this month, I decided to do something different and make a mid-month update!

I have been binge listening to a lot of audio listens this month... In fact, I've finished listening to a combination of 16 books, short stories, and podcasts this month. Most of what I have listened to this month have been entertaining and most of them have been free downloads from Audible.

The thing of it is this, I am now really behind on writing reviews of what I've listened to this month. I have a total of 11 reviews to write... But instead of wanting to write reviews, I just want to listen to more audiobooks or read books!!

How is your month in reading going for you?


  1. In July I read so many books that I also got way behind on reviews and just wanted to keep reading. Somehow this month I am still reading plenty and getting caught up on the reviews. I guess we could have worse problems, right?

    1. Yes, there are definitely a lot worse problems than being behind on my reviews for sure.