Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Calling All Writers!! 20 Podcasts About Writing!!

Are you a writer in need of creative inspiration or need other writing advice while penning your novel, but don't have the time or money to attend a writer's workshop? 

Then checkout a fabulous article I came across on Bustle's website titled, 20 Podcasts About Writing That Will Have You Penning A Bestselling Novel In No Time by E. Ce Miller. In the article, E. Ce Miller writes the following:
Writers get their inspiration from all sorts of places — real life, current events, favorite books, other writers, their own imagination, and more recently: podcasts. Podcasts about writing have been around practically as long as podcasts themselves have been, (with the longest-running writing podcast on this list airing for the first time in 2005!) and they’re the perfect dose of advice, inspiration, and motivation — especially for working writers on the go. Because let’s face it: while most of us aspiring and/or working writers would love to pause our daily lives in favor of losing ourselves in a writers’ workshop for weeks, months, or even years at a time, for many writers that’s not so realistic. These podcasts — as helpful as a creative writing workshop itself, in many ways — might be the next best thing. (With the added bonus of not having to worry about your GPA and your muse showing up in a timely manner.)
Best of luck to you in writing that best selling novel. Good luck! 


  1. Cool! I saw a link to this on Twitter today. My favorite podcast featuring writers is Brad Listi's Other People.