Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Head Over Heels by Evie Snow

Head Over Heels by Evie Snow is a contemporary romantic comedy novella approximately 67 pages in length. Head Over Heels is the first thing I've read by Evie Snow, which I discovered is a husband/wife writing duo! According to the author's website, it sounds like the wife half of this writing duo does all the actual writing and the husband half of this writing duo helps with 'plot wrangling'. So, with that said, I'm counting this book as solely written by a woman, even if her husband helps out with 'plot wrangling'.

I was able to download the ebook edition of Head Over Heels by Evie Snow to my Kindle for FREE from Amazon. Below is my honest, unbiased review of Head Over Heels by Evie Snow.

Head Over Heels by Evie Snow is a cutesy, contemporary rom-com read. It was funny in parts and annoying in other parts. It has an interesting premise for a storyline, but essentially it is a predictable read. It was a low stress novella to read in an afternoon of down time for me.

The following is a plot summary for Head Over Heels by Evie Snow from Goodreads:
A dress store owner who thinks big. A fallen soap opera star who's out of luck. Second chance love is a spectator sport…
Pin-up clothing store owner Madeline Evans always spends her July 4th on the beach writing down her goals. As she perfects her life improvement plan, she keeps an eye out for her fantasy man. Every year, she watches her almost-prom-date-turned-famous-actor jog along the same beach where she writes her resolutions. But she never expected to actually have to talk to him…
Cal Greyson’s acting career just took a sharp turn for the worse. After losing his bid to star in a blockbuster flick, his steady job at a soap opera is cut short in the most embarrassing way possible. It’s the cherry on the sundae when he falls down during his annual jog through his hometown beach. As the onlookers start recording with their smartphones, he’s rescued by the most surprising person imaginable…
The former high school classmates hide out in Madeline’s house until the coast is clear. As they revisit the past, a little white lie Madeline spread about Cal in her youth may keep them from fantasizing about their future…
I am giving Head Over Heels by Evie Snow a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. A light read that turned out to be too light?

    1. Decent writing and premise for a story, but maybe romantic comedy isn't my thing.