Monday, March 18, 2019

Little Free Library Finds in Castro Valley, California!!

Yesterday, on St. Patrick's Day, my hubby and I found three new to us Little Free Libraries in Castro Valley, California. 

Normally, I make individual posts for each new Little Free Library I discover... But since I found three new to me Little Free Libraries all in the same city and all on the same day, I thought I would go ahead and simply make one post instead of three separate posts.

21772 Tanglewood Drive, Castro Valley CA 94546
This Little Free Library was my favorite find of the day. I loved how it was decorated and the bench located next to the Little Free Library for one to sit down and read a book. 

Sadly, I learned that this Little Free Library will be shut down in the future due to the fact that all the books have been stolen repeatedly by someone (hence the note left inside the LFL by the LFL owner), leaving the owner to have to replace the books. Too bad that there are people out there that make trouble and take the fun out of something good like a Little Free Library.

2361 Vestal Avenue, Castro Valley CA 94546
This Little Free Library was a fun find as well and is located in a cute, older neighborhood in Castro Valley.

2626 Grove Way, Castro Valley CA 94546
This cute Little Free Library was also a fun find for us. It was easy to locate, but  parking was a tad difficult as it was located on a busy street.


  1. Wow, you are on a roll! Stealing books from a free library? That is terrible.

    1. It's been fun swapping books at local Little Free Libraries!!