Saturday, March 30, 2019

Reading Goals the Rest of the Year!!

I usually just select the number of books I want (or hope) to read during any given year... Because if I select the book titles I want to read in advance for any given year, I am bound to change my mind about which books I decide to read as the year carries on.

However, I've decided to go through my plethora of physical books around my home and set aside 45 of them to read before 2019 is up. I've added ARCs and other giveaway books I've received, recent books I've added to my collection, and other books I've had for over five years in my collection, but have yet to read. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I read all 45 of these books I've recently set aside before the year ends and that I don't change my mind on which titles I end up reading. Many of the books I will pass along to other readers!

I've also added 2 audiobooks and 1 ebook to the mix as well for a total of 48 books.

How do you determine which book or books you'll read next? Usually, I just select the next book after I've finished reading a book. 


  1. Well, you asked! I get all crazy about planning what to read. As you know from my blog, I set various challenges for myself, such as reading one translated book a month or working through an author's novels. I also make a monthly list of the number of books I want to read that month and then on Monday mornings I make a list for the week. Because all of that is a bit crazy and OCD, I give myself full permission to change the plan at any time. What you have done is great though because I guarantee you will read way more books just by consciously piling them up that way!

    1. Glad you shared how you plan what you read next... And no I don't think you have OCD!

      Cheers to the rest of the year and meeting our reading goals!