Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Little Free Library in Ukiah, California


On our drive home from our week long vacation last week, my hubby and I stopped off in Ukiah, California and discovered this Little Free Library in a residential neighborhood. I like the garden setting for this LFL. I even found a couple of good books. 

I find it super fun to discover Little Free Libraries on vacation or even on day trips!!


  1. That's another beautiful one. And if you found some good books also, it was well worth the visit.

    1. Finding good reads is always a wonderful perk. I've been lucky enough to find wishlist books at various LFLs and also new reads that end up being excellent reads.

    2. That is definitely the beauty of it.

    3. Have you discovered wishlist books at Little Free Libraries?

    4. Some, but more that I had not heard of before, unfortunately. I don't really need my TBR pile to grow. LOL

    5. I really don't need my 'tbr' pile to grow either, but it's difficult not to grab free books that look like good reads!