Sunday, July 21, 2019

Thousands Of Books Given Away At A Contra Costa County Library!!!

Wow!! Just wow!! I live in Contra Costa County, which is located in Northern California. So, I was beyond thrilled to learn that the Pleasant Hill Public Library was giving away thousands of withdrawn library books for FREE to the public starting Tuesday, July 16th through Saturday, July 20th between the hours of 9am to 4pm. 

All free books were located in the Pleasant Hill Public Library's shipping and receiving area located behind the library itself. The books were being "removed from the library collection due to lack of circulation, poor condition or relevance" according to a news article I read online.

I made my visit to the Pleasant Hill Pubic Library on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 around noon and stayed for quite awhile looking through several boxes of books. There were a plethora of books in boxes to look through during one's visit... It was a massive set up for sure!! Did I look through all of the boxes? Not a chance!! I would have been there for hours if I had.

Lots of people were in attendance perusing the boxes looking for books. Everyone appeared to be hauling off large bags or boxes filled with books. A few people even had rolling bags on wheels to load their books off in.

I captured only a few imagines of the shipping and receiving area at the Pleasant Hill Public Library during my visit as I was fairly busy browsing for books to add to my collection. There was another entire area of books that I didn't even capture photographs of during my time spent at the library.

I came home with a total of 25 books - 6 audiobooks and 19 hardback books. Believe me, as a book lover, I found it difficult to stop at coming home with just 25 books... But the extreme afternoon heat was getting to me. Additionally, I already have so many unread books in my personal collection as it is that stopping at 25 books was probably a good thing! Plus, I don't have much more room in my home to store extra books as it is.

I'm hoping that they will have this wonderful event next year as well. It was fun browsing for free books as you never know just what you'll find and that was the fun of it. I didn't find any books that were on my reading wishlist, but I did grab some books that were by well known authors that look like promising reads.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. That is a gorgeous haul! I have read and liked 5 of them so I know you have plenty of reading pleasure ahead. What fun.

    1. I'm looking to hours of reading pleasure with these books. Yes, it was a lot of fun finding these books to add to my personal collection.

  2. This is wonderful. I love those pictures of all the books in the boxes and the people "foraging" for them.

    I'm sure I would have found just as many. I love JCO and I have read the "Jiddish Policemen's Union", great book. And I'm sure the others were just as fantastic.

    Thanks for mentioning your link when we talked about libraries. Same as you, I hope they will do this again and you can post more pictures. Love it.