Monday, July 15, 2019

Little Free Library in San Francisco, California!!

63 Funston Avenue, San Francisco California 94129

This past Saturday afternoon my husband and I spent the afternoon at the various sites within San Francisco's Presidio. 

During our time at the Presidio, we found a Little Free Library outside of the entrance to the Presidio YMCA. I left two books at this particular Little Free Library. 

I had initially planned to take a copy of Shade by Pete Souza with me, but ended up walking away empty handed.

Have you visited any Little Free Libraries lately?


  1. You are the ultimate Little Free Library sleuth!

    1. Thank you, I enjoy finding Little Free Libraries where ever I go!!

      I always make sure to visit the Little Free Library website and look for Little Free Libraries in the area I will be visiting so that I can leave books in that area when I visit.

      I've found 3 new to me Little Free Libraries this month alone. I've actually lost track of how many Little Free Libraries I've discovered over the years. Since I've blogged about each one I've found, I'm sure I can tally up the total number.

  2. I walked past a Little Free Library recently. It was the first one I'd ever seen!

    What made you decide not to take that book with you?

    1. I love Little Free Libraries!! I've come across at least 10 of them randomly, while the others I've sought out through the Little Free Library website.

      I chose not to take Shade as I was hoping for a balance between photos and text... Shade was too much of a coffee table book for me.