Monday, July 31, 2017

RIP ~~ Sam Shepard

I remember seeing Sam Shepard as an actor in several movies first before I realized he was a very successful playwright. 

I eventually saw a production of Sam Shepard's play 'Buried Child' (which won a Pulitzer Prize) with my husband at a local playhouse in Santa Barbara years ago.

I came across an article on Bustle's website titled, 11 Sam Shepard Quotes That Will Inspire You To Live A Creative, Honest Life by Emma Oulton. In the above article, Emma Oulton wrote the following:
The celebrated playwright and Oscar-nominated actor Sam Shepard died on Thursday at his home in Kentucky. The news broke on Monday, when a spokesman for Shepard's family announced that Shepard had passed away at the age of 73, in the presence of his family, due to complications from Lou Gehrig's disease. Shepard has left behind a powerful legacy: alongside the films and theater productions that he starred in and contributed to, he also graced the world with his many unique and inspiring observations.
Shepard was an award-winning playwright, having won an impressive three Pulitzer prizes, so it's not exactly surprising that he knew how to spin a turn of phrase. He is considered by many to have been a defining theatrical voice, bringing to life characters struggling to understand their identity and their place in the world. It is this that made him so beloved by many, and why his words of wisdom will continue to be treasured. 
I hope Sam Shepard's plays will continue to inspire and delight the next generation of playwrights and audiences alike. 

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