Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Twisted Linen: A prophetic thriller of deception, deceit and faith by C. W. Cook

Yesterday, I finished reading the paperback copy of Twisted Linen by C. W. Cook. I received my copy of Twisted Linen by C. W. Cook for free through Goodreads First Reads. Even though I received my copy of Twisted Line for free, the following review expresses my unbiased opinion for this novel.

First off, I really like the cover design on Twisted Linen.... The back cover of this book is nice too, but felt it was a tad difficult to read the plot summary as the font is fairly small.

I was drawn in by this novel's subtitle "a prophetic thriller of deception, deceit and faith"... The subtitle made me want to read Twisted Linen to see what it was all about... The plot summary also had me intrigued too.

Twisted Linen is a really quick read, which is another feature I enjoyed about this novel. I like reading fast paced thrillers. Even though I liked the storyline and key concepts presented in Twisted Linen, I felt it was a fairly predictable novel overall. Basically, I had guessed how a few of the key plot details would turn out in the end. 

I also felt that some of the scenes presented in Twisted Linen by the author needed a bit more flushing out to paint a more complete picture of what was happening at a particular moment... A few other scenes in this novel didn't seem like plausible scenarios... In other scenes, I felt like too much written detail was given. Perhaps the material could have been presented in a slightly different manner, like spreading out the information in tidbits over the course of various chapters. Or perhaps have the characters disclose the information through dialogue in different scenes.

Overall, I liked the characters in Twisted Linen, but felt that at various times they were presented in a fashion that was too black and white... The main characters needed a bit more depth to them to feel more realistic. I also couldn't believe that certain characters were being duped by a trusted person in the novel and that they didn't begin questioning that person's actions.

The following is a plot summary for Twisted Linen by C. W. Cook from Amazon's website:
Against his wife's warnings, Simon agrees to help Cardinal Genovi expose the conspiracy behind a modern-day cult. But Simon should have listened to Grace; she's more than smart and alluring ... she is usually right! 
**Twisted Linen is a fast-paced conspiracy thriller offering a chilling view of a possible future** 
The short novel is drawn from modern-day current events, human genetic engineering, and end-times Scripture. It weaves a fictional tale around Biblical prophecy concerning Israel and astronomical signs to occur in 2017. It's an appropriate read for those who like believable suspense thrillers with a touch of the occult and paranormal. Also a fine choice for the Judeo-Christian reader who's looking for clean writing that's free of foul language. 
For decades Simon LaCroix faithfully served as Special Agent in Charge of Vatican Security, but now he and his wife Grace, want a safer life apart from Rome. Their bug-out plans are interrupted when a top raking Cardinal summons Simon to the Papal Office and discloses a diabolical threat against the civilized world. A modern-day cult called the Golden Dawn plans to use the latest in genetic science to usher in a Final World Order, and Cardinal Genovi demands Simon's help this one last time. But there are deep fractures in the Church, unexpected betrayals, and dark secrets concealed in Grace's past that hold dire consequences for them both.
From the majestic city of Rome to the picturesque city of San Sebastian, Spain, Simon and Grace race against time to expose the conspiracy behind an occult's insidious agenda. The situation turns deadly when a kidnapping ensnares Simon and Grace in a net of deception, deceit and divided loyalty. And where it all leads. . .a dark nightmare into the underbelly of the occult with demonic consequences not revealed until the very end.
Okay, I'd say that overall I enjoyed reading Twisted Linen... But I felt it could have been a much better novel. After I'd read Twisted Linen, I'd visited to read what other readers had to say about Twisted Linen. I was surprised to see a total of 9 reviews of Twisted Linen, all of them were 5 star reviews!! I didn't feel that Twisted Linen was that good to warrant a 5 star review. I'm giving Twisted Linen a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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