Monday, December 29, 2014

Secret Santa by Sabrina James

YA Holiday Themed Novel
I purchased a used paperback copy of Secret Santa by Sabrina James at a local used bookstore on Small Business Saturday. 

What initially drew my attention to Secret Santa was the holiday themed title and the artwork on its cover!! Being in the Christmas spirit, I decided to purchase and read this novel during the holiday season.

The funny part about reading Secret Santa is that I didn't realize it was a young adult novel as it was in the romance section for adults section at the bookstore when I bought it last month. It's all good though as Secret Santa is an easy breezy, holiday themed novel that read like a soap opera!!

I enjoyed reading Secret Santa as it is really well written. The story focuses on high school students and  the Christmas holiday. In Secret Santa, the high school students pick names for a week long secret Santa exchange at school with the secret Santa reveal to take place at the Christmas/Winter dance. The characters are well developed and fun. The author, Sabrina James, does a wonderful job of capturing the teenage spirit/mind, the different groups that comprise various teenagers and the cliques they belong to, as well as the holiday spirit and teenage romantic love. 

I would highly recommend reading Secret Santa by Sabrina James as it is really good! I'm giving Secret Santa a rating of 7.5 stars out of 10 stars. Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. Love the cover. Looks like a fun read for the holidays!

    1. I loved the cover of this novel too!! It was one of the things that initially attracted me to it. Plus, I was looking for another holiday themed book to read and I've always liked the idea/concept of Secret Santa, so this book seemed like a good fit for me.