Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Never Blackmail A Thought-Reader by Sharon Rose

Never Blackmail A Thought-Reader by Sharon Rose is a science fiction/fantasy short story approximately 20 pages in length. It's also the first read in the 'Agents of Rivelt' series.

I was able to download Never Blackmail A Thought-Reader by Sharon Rose to my Kindle from Amazon for FREE. Below is my unbiased review of Never Blackmail A Thought-Reader by Sharon Rose.

I think the concept for this short story is a good one, but it was way too short to make for an engaging read for me. I wanted to see more character development and more plot development, especially considering it is a science fiction/fantasy read. As a reader, one needs more detailed information to be able to digest what they are reading when it comes to science fiction/fantasy short stories.

The following is the plot summary for Never Blackmail A Thought-Reader by Sharon Rose from Amazon:
When lies don’t work, there’s always blackmail.

Vigard, of the planet Rivelt, is a private locator—bounty hunter, to the less polite. His current job: Find Tracy, a young woman abducted four years ago, and rescue her from a Syndicate space station. Too bad that blackmail will turn her rescue into an execution…unless Tracy can beat the blackmailer at his own game.
Never Blackmail a Thought-Reader opens the science fiction, short story series Agents of Rivelt. If you are intrigued by alien races, telepathy, and unexpected adventures; if you like quick, satisfying doses of excitement; then you’ll love this short story by Sharon Rose.
I am giving Never Blackmail A Thought-Reader by Sharon Rose a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

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  1. That is usually my problem with short stories. Too short to do the job of fiction the way I like it done.

    1. This is my main complaint about short stories as well.