Saturday, July 29, 2017

Here's What to Read When You've Been Diagnosed A Mental Or Chronic Illness

Being diagnosed with a mental or chronic illness can be scary and daunting! I came across an interesting article on Bustle's website (I love their website for bookish related news) titled, 15 Books To Read When You've Been Diagnosed With Mental Or Chronic Illness by Kristian Wilson. In the article, Kristian Wilson wrote the following:
The period immediately following your diagnosis with a lifelong condition manifests as a whirlwind of emotions that can be difficult to navigate for even the most-well-supported individuals. To help you through this trying time, I've got 15 books to read when you've been diagnosed with a mental or chronic illness.
In February 2009, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, Behçet's disease, one of those illnesses that you have to explain to most people you meet, because they've never heard of what you've got. Later that year, my doctor diagnosed me with anxiety, depression, and IBS. I sank into a very dark place as it dawned on me that I would be taking multiple medications for the rest of my life — no small ordeal when you're a 19-year-old college student.
I wish I had had these books when I was first diagnosed with Behçet's. They're just the kind of thing I needed to recognize that my response to the news was nothing to be ashamed of. Check out my recommendations below, and share the books you read after you were diagnosed with mental or chronic illness with me on Twitter!
Click on the very top link to discover which books made the list. Interestingly enough, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating'by Elisabeth Tova Bailey made the list of books. I read this book earlier this year and loved it! It's a great read whether you have an illness or not.


  1. Interesting suggestions. Probably very personal reactions. Although Janet Evanovich can take me away from everything at any time!

    1. Yes, they were interesting suggestions. Sometimes there are a few books that make lists which are ones that I wouldn't necessarily expect to see on a list.