Monday, July 24, 2017

The Most Beautiful Libraries In Every Single State

Ah, I like libraries! How about you? Do you like libraries too? Then checkout the following article I discovered on Bustle titled, The Most Gorgeous Libraries In Every Single State, Just In Time For Your Book-Themed Road Trip by Emma Oulton. In the article Emma Oulton wrote the following:
Anyone who loves books will be able to confirm that libraries are the happiest places on Earth. I mean, it's a whole building full of books that you can read for free — what could be better than that? It's always good to support your local library, so if you haven't already, I definitely advise you to get a library card right now — but if you fancy a road trip, why not go visit the best library in your whole state? (Of course, for some lucky people, one of these will be your local library. Oh, if only...)
These 50 libraries are some of the biggest, the prettiest, and the most unusual across the country. Some of them are old and bursting with history; some of them are fresh and modern, with unique architecture that wouldn't look out of place in one of the futuristic sci-fi books they contain. As well as being packed to the brim with books, many of these libraries often host events from book clubs to author readings to career development evenings — so if you get your timings right, your visit could be extra special. But no matter when you go, you'll notice something magical in the air from the moment you step through the door: the smell of old books, the silence of people engrossed in a story, and the fact that each and every one of these libraries is run by enthusiastic book-lovers passionate about making books more accessible to more people. So go and take a look!

Yes, these libraries look amazing! And yes, I now want to take a road trip to see to see them! 


  1. What a delightful tour! Whenever I visit a new city or town I always check out the library. I like both the old buildings and the modern ones. I grew up in Princeton, NJ, so of course I have been to the Firestone Library there. My mom took us to the little public library every week so my love of libraries began there.

    1. Libraries are so much fun to visit. They recently renovated our local public library and it looks fabulous.

      I have a thing for visiting university libraries too.