Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Books About Strong Women Trailblazers Are Awesome!

I love reading memoirs, biographies, and other works of nonfiction about women trailblazers. So, when I noticed on Bustle's website a fabulous article titled, 13 Illustrated Books About Women Who Changed The World by Susanna Princivalle, I looked forward to discovering which books made the list. 

Several of the book titles mentioned in Susanna Princivalle's article are ones I've heard of before (but have yet to read), while other book titles mentioned were new to me. 

Click on the above link to discover which 13 illustrated books about women have made the list!


  1. Great! I would add the precursor to Rad Women Worldwide: Rad American Women A-Z. I have been using that to search out and read biographies of those women. But of course there are way more than 26 women who blazed trails, so these other books are a great resource!

    1. Ooooo, thank you for letting me know about the precursor to Rad Women Worldwide. I'll definitely have to check out Rad American Women A-Z.