Sunday, July 30, 2017

Books On Illness & Loss That Will Give You A New Perspective On Life

I came across another wonderful article on Bustle titled, 11 Books About Illness And Loss That Will Give You A New Perspective On Life by Kerri Jarema. In the article, Kerri Jarema wrote the following:
What do we talk about when we talk about grief and loss, illness and death? For the most part, I think many of us try not to think or talk about grief and loss it at all. We push aside the fears we all have of losing loved ones, or finding ourselves at the receiving end of our own life-altering news, and we push forward. In many ways, it's the only way to live. But for these memoirists, looking illness, death and loss in the face, diving into it, exploring it deeply and unflinchingly, with heart and humor and, yes, fear, was how they came to reconcile their life in the face of ultimate loss. And for those of us left behind to read them, these memoirs offer words of sadness and but also of hope, showing us what life and legacy really means.
Last year, my husband's father died due to an aggressive form of lymphoma. It was a very difficult time for us as my father-in-law's initial prognosis when he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2013 was very favorable that he'd overcome it with treatment. In fact, at one point the cancer he had even went into remission... But unfortunately, an aggressive form of lymphoma came back. 

My father-in-law was a wonderful human being... Very kind and loving. I still miss his presence very much.

Reading one of the books mentioned in the above article, I am sure would put a new perspective on life. 

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