Friday, June 19, 2015

Author Spotlight ---- Chera Zade

Erotica Short Story
I recently read a couple of erotica short stories by a new to me author by the name of Chera Zade.

I read both Surrendered On A Steamboat 
(Lizzie Dell's World Travels Book 1) and Pleasured In Paris (Lizzie Dell's World Travels Book 2) by Chera Zade. Both of these titles are short stories that fall into the erotica and historical fiction genres.

I was able to download both short stories from Amazon to my Kindle for FREE!!

Below is my honest review for both short stories.

Surrendered On A Steamboat (Lizzie Dell's World Travels Book 1) is approximately 39 pages. I like historical fiction and I also erotica themed reads. I enjoyed this short story quite a bit. Surrendered On A Steamboat was a fast, fun read and made for a wonderful first story in a series. I liked Chera Zade's writing style and the characters as well. The erotica scenes were fun to read as well.

Here's a summary for Surrendered On A Steamboat by Chera Zade from Amazon's website:
Lizzie Dell is a young journalist who decides to do the unthinkable: travel the globe in less than eighty days, alone. She is as irreverent as she is brave when it comes to her work, but when dealing with men - she's a little less experienced. Well, significantly less experienced, to be completely honest.

Andrew Hamilton is a billionaire shipping magnate from London, the most eligible bachelor on both sides of the Atlantic. Arrogant and wealthy, he could have any woman if he so pleased, but he finds himself completely smitten with the innocent Lizzie.

When the two meet on his steamboat during the first leg of her trip, sparks fly and reservations melt away. Lizzie surrenders herself to the powerful alpha male, secretly as infatuated with him as he is with her. Her first time is magical, and she cannot stop thinking about Andrew. But her plans do not include a male companion, and she must decide what to do.

Erotica Short Story
Pleasured In Paris (Lizzie Dell's World Travels Book 2) is approximately 37 pages in length. Again this short was another fun, fast read that falls into both the historical and erotica genres. Pleasured In Paris is the continuation of Surrendered On A Steamboat. The writing is wonderful in this short story as well. I enjoyed reading it as much as I did reading Surrendered On A Steamboat.

Here's a summary for Pleasure In Paris from Amazon's website:
Lizzie Dell is a brave young journalist who has set out to girdle around the globe in eighty days. During the first leg of her travels, she met and hopelessly fell for a charismatic older billionaire Andrew Hamilton. But she had to say goodbye to him, resolved to stay focused on her career. Now, as she arrives in Paris, she is determined to keep all thoughts of the dashing bachelor out her mind, even as her body refuses to suppress its desires.

Andrew conspires to meet with Lizzie in Paris, and the two find each other together again, their passion unbridled and rough with need. Once more, he insists on making Lizzie hers, but she's too rebellious to settle. His only option is to wait for her to finish her project of circumnavigating the globe.
I'm giving both of the above short stories by Chera Zade a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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