Monday, June 29, 2015

Reunited in Japan by Chera Zade

I read the short story Reunited in Japan by Chera Zade this past weekend in less than an hour on my Kindle. Reunited in Japan is approximately 37 pages in length.

Reunited in Japan is the third installment of Lizzie Dell's World Travels... I enjoyed reading this historical, erotica short story very much. It's been fun reading the series starting with the first short story and seeing where the story and characters lead the readers. I like the characters of both Lizzie and Andrew and seeing where their relationship takes them. The Lizzie Dell's World Travels series isn't anything 'highbrow' by any means, but I've enjoyed reading the stories quite a bit.

The following is a summary for Reunited in Japan by Chera Zade:
As Lizzie's travels continue across Europe, Middle East, and Asia, she can't seem to shake off her last night with Andrew. Her skillful lover managed to take Lizzie to new heights, exploring everything the young woman had to offer.

During her trip, someone informs Lizzie that Andrew had announced his engagement, and she's heartbroken, cursing herself for giving in to the bachelor's seductions. How could she be so naive? But a big surprise awaits her at her last stop before she boards her final steamboat ride to the States. Andrew meets her in Japan, and all misunderstandings melt away.

I'm giving Reunited in Japan by Chera Zade a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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