Wednesday, June 3, 2015

35 Pieces of Jewelry Inspired by Books!!

Books and jewelry are couple of my favorite things!! So, when I came across an article on Buzzfeed titled 35 Impossibly Clever Pieces Of Jewelry Inspired By Books by Mallory McInnis, I couldn't wait to check out what jewelry I'd find! 

I thought the jewelry pieces shown in Mallory McInnes's article, were creative, interesting, and very book inspired. Chick on the link above and tell me what you think of the jewelry!!


  1. These are so amazing! I really want to buy one but I can't choose just one! I really love wearing jewelry that only has the symbols of the series on it and then only certain people recognize it. Like how whenever I wear my Shadowhunter symbol necklace (the diamond shaped thing that Clary draws), only the bookish people freak out when they see it! It's like a secret code or something! :D

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I agree with you in that the symbols from a series that only the 'book geeks' will understand is what I like most about bookish related jewelry!!

      I hope you decide on a piece or two of jewelry. A girl can't have enough jewelry (or too many books) in my opinion!!