Wednesday, June 3, 2015

11 Ways Reading Books By Judy Blume Changes You!

Judy Blume's latest novel, In the Unlikely Event, was published earlier this week on June 2nd. So, I was excited to come across an article on Bustle titled 11 Ways Reading Judy Blume Changes You, Because The Author's Books Impart Some Major Life Lessons by Rachel Simon. In her article, Ms. Simon writes the following:
Blume’s new novel, her first for adults since 1998’s Summer Sisters, lives up to its sky-high expectations. It’s classic Blume, smart and funny and incredibly relatable, even with its ’50s-set plot and references to Nat King Cole. And, like all the beloved author’s books, it’s filled with plenty of thought-provoking statements and smart pieces of advice, bound to last in readers’ memories long after they turn the last page. With her latest novel, Blume proves, once again, that she’s one of the wisest and impactful authors out there.
Ms. Simon goes on to give us the eleven ways Judy Blume imparts major life lessons to her readers. Go ahead and click on the above link and read on!

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