Friday, June 19, 2015

Sacred Medicine: Book One by Adlynn Flaharty

Romantic Novella
I finished reading Sacred Medicine: Book One by Adlynn Flaharty yesterday. It's a quick read that can be finished in less than two hours. 

Sacred Medicine: Book One by Adlynn Flaharty is a novella approximately 73 pages in length. I was able to download this novella to my Kindle from Amazon for FREE!!

Below is my unbiased review of Sacred Medicine: Book One by Adlynn Flaharty.

Ugh, I didn't like Sacred Medicine: Book One by Adlynn Flaharty at all!! The writing is really bad... Mainly, I thought the writing was flat and one dimensional. The sex scenes between Brian and Cassie and how they interacted just seemed so unrealistic. Plus, there was too much unnecessary description of the surroundings that I felt the reader really didn't need to know about at all.

I didn't like the characters either. Cassie loses her beloved husband, Brian, in a tragic accident near the start of Sacred Medicine. I can understand Cassie's grief over losing her husband and having PTSD like symptoms surrounding the accident. But to still feel soooo much grief, anxiety, about the loss of her husband three years later, despite the fact that she's been seeing a psychiatrist and taking prescription medication for it seemed a bit much. She doesn't want to move on with her life and date anyone ever again. Cassie loves Brian too much to move on. It was all too much. I'm not unsympathetic to people dealing with grief, loss, or PTSD issues, I just thought the way in which author writes about what Cassie is experiencing wasn't well written. 

Later in Sacred Medicine, Cassie meets Jed at a convention and he keeps flirting with her. She isn't interested in him and thinks he's too cocky. But then she keeps self medicating by drinking too much alcohol and taking her medication. Cassie eventually starts a relationship with Jed, but feels guilty about it like she's betraying her deceased husband and the love they shared. 

Jed also keeps things from her from the start of their relationship. It should have been a HUGE clue to Cassie that something was wrong in their relationship. Cassie's relationship with Jed kind of drives Cassie crazy towards the end of the novella... The story line in Sacred Medicine was just too cheesy and I didn't like the cliffhanger ending. Sacred Medicine was a complete waste of my time and wouldn't recommend it at all to other readers. Needless to say, I will not be reading any more of the books in rest of this series.

The following is a plot summary for Sacred Medicine: Book One by Adlynn Flaharty from Amazon's website:
Dr. Cassandra Jones married the love of her life. Both medical Doctors, they lived a fairytale romance until a tragic accident ripped that romantic fairytale to shreds.

She was determined to honour Brian's memory, and was doing just that until the very handsome, sexy Jed Atwood walked into the medical conference. Something about Jed stirs Cassie in a way she never expected, and what begins as a one-night stand during the conference turns into a whirlwind romance.

Dr. Cassie struggles with her conscience as her relationship with Jed continues; is she being faithful to her beloved husband? All she knows is the attraction between her and Jed is undeniable.

The adventure does not turn out how she expects and she surprises herself with a series of unpredictable actions.

Just as Cassie opens to the possibility of real feelings for Jed, he abruptly vanishes. It's an unexpected mystery; has he just lost interest? ….has he been kidnapped? Cassie soon discovers he is involved with a sinister group of criminals. Should she walk away or follow her heart into danger's path?

The first novella of a four part series will pull at your heart strings like a Harlequin and make your heartbeat race with excitement and suspense.
I am giving Sacred Medicine: Book One by Adlynn Flaharty a rating of 1 star out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. That's too bad. The guy on the cover is yummy though.

    1. The cover was probably the best thing about this book!