Thursday, June 11, 2015

The 10 Best Books Set In Orange County, California

I've spent roughly two thirds of my life living in Southern California... So, when I stumbled across an article on the OC Register's website titled, 10 best books set in Orange County. Did we get it right? Peter Larsen, I could resist checking out the book titles that made the list. In the above article, Larsen writes the following:
A young outsider travels to Huntington Beach and finds salvation but also danger in the local surf scene.
An upwardly mobile family in a gated community in south Orange County comes undone, leaving a Latina maid to hold the pieces together.
An ex-cop in Newport Beach investigates his sister’s murder, following a trail that leads to unexpected places.
These Orange County stories could be fact but in this case they’re fiction, plots from a few of our list of the top 10 novels or short story collections set in Orange County.
To my surprise, I discovered that I haven't read any of the book titles mentioned on this list of books. I am intrigued and find myself wanting to read a few of the ones mentioned.

Click on above link to see which books set in Orange County California made the top ten list.


  1. Other than Watchers by Dean Koontz, I haven't heard of any of the other books. I need to check them out.

    1. I am only familiar with Watchers by Dean Koontz as well.