Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ever Wonder Why Famous Authors Chose Their Fake Names?

I sometimes wonder why some authors have chosen their pen names. So, when I came across an enlightening article on the Huffington Post titled, Here's Why Famous Authors Chose Their Fake Names by Sara Boboltz, I wanted to share it on my blog. In her article, Ms. Boboltz writes:
Writers have chosen pen names over the centuries for reasons almost as varied as the names themselves. (We're looking at you, "Dr. Seuss.")
While some changed their names simply for easier English pronunciation, others had to worry about readers' perception in the days before, you know, everyone realized women could write good books. Still others wanted to escape their past or suggest an alternate, more badass identity for themselves. Reasons abound.
Take a look below to find out why some of our favorite published authors chose the names they did. And when you're done, create your own nom de plume here.
Click on the top link to learn why famous authors chose their fake names. Happy reading!


  1. Ooh interesting. I didn't know about Lemony Snicket.

    Btw, my new pen name will be...Iris Sunshine Beautifulkins!!!! Lol!

    1. I enjoyed reading the article too!

      Love the new pen name, btw! Shall we now start referring to you as Iris? ;-)

  2. I've always wondered about this but I assumed that authors did it either to conceal their real full name (like many indie authors do) or as with J.K. Rowling, open more people to read their books! I've never really thought of any other reasons though!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. It's fun to find out why authors use pen names.