Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dreams of Desire #1 by Cassie Wright

eBook Novella
I was able to read Dreams of Desire #1 by Cassie Wright in a single afternoon on my Kindle. Dreams of Desire #1 is an eBook novella approximately 147 pages in length.

I downloaded Dreams of Desire #1 by Cassie Wright to my Kindle for free from Amazon. Below is my honest review of Dreams of Desire #1... So read on!

Okay, Dreams of Desire #1 is a first in a series... I enjoyed reading it despite the cliffhanger for the ending. I usually hate cliffhangers as a way to end a book with a passion. I feel that authors should wrap their book's ending up at the end of each work verses making the reader buy the next installment to see what happens next... But, I'll make an exception for this novella as I thought the writing was good overall. For the most part, I liked the story, plot, characters, and dialogue in Dreams of Desire #1.

Aside from the cliffhanger ending, I only had two other major complaints with Dream's of Desire #1 as follows:

1. The intro scene where leading lady, Jessie Ford, is on a double date with her friend and her friend's boyfriend and the man who they've set her up on a blind date took too much of this novella's plot. I felt this scene could have been shortened a bit.

2. Jessie's brother Tommy is a major f*$k up and is once again in way over his head with gambling debts. So, Tommy calls his sister to bail him out of his problems, which only gets Jessie into some dangerous situations because of Tommy's behavior... I understand the need to be there for family during a chrisis. But when is a enough really a enough?? Would someone really do what she does to help bail out a brother that never seems to learn his mistakes? 

The following is a book summary for Dreams of Desire #1 on Amazon's website:
Shattered by the loss of her family in a brutal car accident, Jessie Ford has spent the past two years trying to piece her life together. It's not until she meets Julian St. Claire that she realizes just how broken she really is.

As wealthy and enigmatic as he is handsome, Julian recognizes in Jessie a hidden talent for piloting Dreams - his new technology that allows people to share their fantasies - and asks Jessie to come work for him.

Yet the the intensity of their chemistry makes his proposition a dangerous one. It's only when her brother calls, desperate and owing far too much money to the wrong people, that Jessie realizes she may have no choice. She just has to let go of her fears, and set this alluring stranger's world on fire.
Other than what I said above, I liked reading Dreams of Desire #1 by Cassie Wright! I am giving Dreams of Desire #1 a rating of 7 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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