Monday, February 2, 2015

Must Read Books For Step Moms!

Alright, let me first state that I am not a stepmom, nor have I read any of the books mentioned in the Huffington Post article titled, 6 Must-Read Books for Overwhelmed Stepmoms by Peggy Nolan.

I do know someone who has had a very bad personal experience with a stepchild who was 'hell on wheels'. I only wish this person had access to the list of books mentioned in the article as maybe they would have helped out. 

In Nolan's article, she writes the following:
Are you married to a man with kids from a previous relationship? I bet you never thought how hard being a stepmom is. In the rush of love, when you see the world through gorgeous love goggles, no one tells you that you're going to want to ran away or find a place to hide when his kids are visiting.
Whether you are a new or veteran stepmom, you know that the marriage statistics for second marriages are stacked against remarried couples. The odds of success plummet even further with third marriages.
The good news is you're not alone. There are amazing resources and I want to share with you the six books every overwhelmed stepmom must read.
I've heard plenty of other 'minor' horror stories from women trying to deal with blending families together and trying to make things work. Perhaps these books can help.

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. I'm not a stepmom either, but I have an acquaintance who was a stepmom for a while, and she would post about the challenges (albeit vaguely). This is a great list of self help books for stepmoms. I'll recommend it to any of my friends who finds herself in that station in life. Thanks!
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    1. Thanks for commenting on this post. Being a step-mom isn't always easy. I think being a step-parent is usually more difficult for women than men because women tend to be the primary characters.