Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taking Instructions (Taboo #1) by Cheyenne McCray

BDSM Erotica Novella
Taking Instructions (Taboo #1) by Cheyenne McCray is a novella approximately 77 pages in length that I read in a single afternoon on my Kindle.

I was able to download this book for free from Amazon and below is my honest opinion/review of Taking Instructions (Taboo #1) by Cheyenne McCray.

Taking Instructions started off too slowly for me and contained some of the cheesiest cliches ever that I almost stopped reading it before the book finally picked up steam.

Taking Instructions is a BDSM erotica novella. So, if you are into this type of genre, then you'll probably enjoy reading Taking Instructions. I'm not into BDSM at all, so didn't find reading this novella all that appealing. The sex scenes are pretty graphic and the description of the sex toys used is pretty descriptive. One sex scene even includes a threesome with two men having sex with a woman.

The ending was too abrupt and felt rushed. I felt like the author could have embellished things a bit more.

The following is a book summary from Amazon's site:
Jessica Grayson is a college freshman who's had the hots for her university professor all year long. He's sexy and unobtainable—and she's determined to get into his bed.
Dating one of his own students is taboo and Craig Bennett intends to never break that school rule… Until he finds an end-of-the-semester present in his office—the gorgeous co-ed he hasn't been able to keep off his mind. And she's naked, sitting on his desk.
It isn't long before Jessica discovers she's gotten more than she bargained for. She finds out exactly who's in control as she learns how the professor likes to play. A whole new world of BDSM is opened up to her and being a bad girl never felt so good.
I'm giving Taking Instructions (Taboo #1) by Cheyenne McCray a rating of 3 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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