Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Finds #5

Friday Finds is a book meme hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. It’s a chance to share and show off the books you discovered during the week and would like to add to your reading list. Or simply feature the books you've actually purchased throughout the week and have added to your to be read pile!

Last weekend, I returned home from a 15 night cruise through the Panama Canal with my husband. The cruise was our way  of celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. This cruise was a dream come true for us both and we had a blast! We enjoyed sailing through the Panama Canal as well as visiting 5 different countries in 14 days. I'm still on a vacation high!

During our cruise, I had a random chance encounter with another person sailing on our cruise named, Doris. Doris told me about a book called Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. I was intrigued by what Doris shared with me about this book and how it had helped to improve her health over the past decade. 

So, I decided to learn more about this book upon returning home from our vacation. I ended up to buying a used copy through Amazon based on Doris's testimonial and the online reviews. This book should arrive in the next 10 days or so and I look forward to reading it in 2013.

Below is the book description of Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type on Amazon:
"What would you say if I told you that the secret to healthy, vigorous, and disease-free living might be as simple as knowing your blood type," asks Dr. Peter D'Adamo, and in Eat Right 4 Your Type, he shows us the simple answer.

If you've ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or do the same exercise, you're right. In fact, what foods we absorb well and how our bodies handle stress differ with each blood type.

Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry. It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of disease, longevity, fitness, and emotional strength. It determines your susceptibility to illness, the foods you should eat, and ways to avoid the most troubling health problems.

Only recently have all the pieces of the scientific and clinical puzzle started coming together. Dr. D'Adamo has spent the past fifteen years researching the connections among blood type, food and diseases, and his research is built on thirty years of work done by his father.

In Eat Right 4 Your Type he shows:
which foods, spices, teas, and condiments help someone of your blood type maintain optimal health and ideal weight;
which vitamins and supplements to emphasize or avoid;
which medications function best in your system;
whether your stress goes to your muscles or your nervous system;
whether your stress is relieved better through aerobics or meditation;
whether you should walk, swim or play tennis or golf as your mode of exercise;
how knowing your blood type can help you avoid many common viruses and infections;
how knowing your blood type can help you fight back against life-threatening diseases;
how to slow down the aging process by avoiding factors specific to your blood type that cause rapid cell deterioration.

Eat Right 4 Your Type provides a clear, simple life plan that anyone can follow and suggests the easiest ways to determine your blood type. Here is a breakthrough book that will change the way we eat and live. 
So, what new book(s) have you been inspired to buy during the past week?

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