Monday, December 24, 2012

UCSB Reads Picks ‘Moonwalking with Einstein’ for 2013!

In the Noozhawk, I came across an article titled UCSB Reads Picks ‘Moonwalking with Einstein’ By Joshua Foer and written by the UCSB Office of Public Affair.
When journalist Joshua Foer covered the 2005 USA Memory Championship in Manhattan for Slate magazine, he didn’t expect to return a year later as one of the competitors. He was more than a bit skeptical during that first go-round when experts told him anyone could learn to memorize entire decks of playing cards or strings of numbers hundreds of digits long.

All it takes, they said, is training. And for those of us who consider it a great feat of recall when we remember what we had for breakfast or where we parked our cars, that’s really good news.

Foer’s memory-building –– and memorable –– odyssey is recounted in his book, Moonwalking with Einstein –– The Art and Science of Remembering Everything (Penguin, 2011). The UC Santa Barbara Library has chosen the book as this year’s selection for UCSB Reads.
This book sounds like a fascinating one to read on memory-building, which I look forward to reading!

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