Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Black Eyed Susie by Kristen Mae

eBook Short Story
Black Eyed Susie by Kristen Mae is a short story that is approximately 32 pages in length. This is the first thing I've read written by author Kristen Mae.

I was able to download Black Eyed Susie by Kristen Mae to my Kindle for Free from Amazon.

Below is my honest, unbiased review of Black Eyed Susie by Kristen Mae.

Black Eyed Susie by Kristen Mae is a decent read as it is suspenseful. I enjoyed the plot twist for Black Eyed Susie... One person taking justice into their own hands is the best way to describe this short story.

The following is a plot summary for Black Eyed Susie by Kristen Mae from Amazon:
“Dark and gritty and bloody and awesome. But you have to read to the end.” - Meghan O’Flynn, author of the Ash Park series
*A predator lurks...
She caught his attention right away with her blond angel curls, heart-shaped mouth, and huge black eyes. She’s young, but she’s mature for her age—someone he can confide in. Someone who doesn’t pester and nag and berate him. Someone who, with a webcam recording, will do any naughty thing he asks.
And now that her parents are out of town, she’s invited him for a visit.
He stands on her front porch ready to knock, knees shaking, heart pounding. He knows what he’s doing is against the law—that it’s wrong. But he won’t turn around. Because on the other side of that door, Susan is waiting. And she says she wants to make all his fantasies come true.
But what he doesn’t know is that when it comes to little Black-Eyed Susie, you’d better be careful what you wish for.
*Please note that all characters in this story are 18+
I am giving Black Eyed Susie by Kristen Mae a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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