Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Cocktail Literally Made With Old Books!!

I discovered an interesting article on Washingtonian's website titled, Columbia Room Has a Cocktail Literally Made With Old Books by Jessica Sidman. In the article, Jessica Sidman wrote the following:
To make the literary tincture, the bar staff collected a number of 100-year-old books. “I was trying to avoid getting anything too iconic. It probably would have been interesting to do Proust,” Fetherston says, but he felt conflicted about destroying a great piece of literature. (He doesn’t remember the titles of the books used.) 
The pages were vacuum-sealed with grapeseed oil, then the infusion was fat-washed with a neutral high-proof spirit. 
The result? “It has that musty, fusty old library quality to it,” Fetherston says. And strangely, it tastes like duck fat, too.
The old books are combined with Armagnac, vintage PX sherry, a porcini cordial, and eucalyptus to create a sweet dessert drink with a “savory edge.” The cocktail is served in a flask that’s placed inside a hollowed-out book. It’s paired with a chocolate shiso leaf.
I don't think this particular cocktail made from old books sounds very appealing to me. I wouldn't drink it. What are your thoughts? Would you drink this unique cocktail?

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