Thursday, April 27, 2017

Poet Shel Silverstein’s Sausalito Houseboat Is For Sale!

I came across an article I discovered online titled, Poet Shel Silverstein’s Sausalito houseboat asks $390K by Adam Brinklow. In the article, Adam Brinklow wrote:
A bohemian one-bed, one-bath Sausalito houseboat that once belonged to Shel Silverstein, the late author of The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends, listed in March, now asking $390,000.
Waterfront dwellers pre-Silverstein built 8 Liberty Dock on top of an old balloon barge from World War II. Balloon barges were special Navy vessels “whose lofted cables were designed to snare kamikaze aircraft,” according to Smithsonian Magazine, although Marinscope calls them anti-submarine defenses.
In either case, Silverstein moved into the converted wartime tub in 1967, opting out of the relative hustle and bustle of the Haight to join Sausalito’s floating bohemia of artists, itinerants, and literal drifters, according to the 2007 biography A Boy Named Shel:

In the beginning the houseboat community was essentially a community of squatters who had only salvage rights. [...] The whole place was a bit like living in Never Never Land. Since Shel was a modern day Peter Pan, the two fit together perfectly.
Click on the top link to read the entire story and see photographs of Shel Silverstein's former houseboat.

Sausalito is a beautiful place to live, but I can't imagine paying $390K for a houseboat that only has one bedroom and needs renovation work... Even if said houseboat is a piece of history.

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