Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Very ARC-Ish Readathon ~~ Update

I signed up to participate in the 'A Very ARC-Ish Readathon' at the end of last month, with the very earnest intention of reading as many ARCs as possible this month... I read a total of 24 unique reads during the month of April, but none of them were ARCs!! I didn't even come close to looking at, let alone reading, the tentative 'tbr' list I created for myself just before the start of the 'A Very ARC-Ish Readathon' began. Oops!! 

I simply found other books I was more interested in reading than the ARCs I currently have on hand. I'll get around to reading the ARCs at some point in time... Just not this month!!


  1. I try to stay up to date on mine. I just finished Ma Speaks Up and reviewed it on LibraryThing and on my blog, A Reading Horse and I'm thinking about requesting another on LT. I have several TBRs on hand, though, so I might wait. :-)

    1. I have so many books on hand!! I have more books than I can possibly finish reading by the end of 2019... Yet, I keep adding more books to my collection. At least, I'll never run out of book choices to choose from.