Thursday, April 13, 2017

Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade

Cozy Mystery Novel eBook
I read the ebook edition Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade, which is the first novella in an aromatherapy cozy mystery series featuring witches. Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade is approximately 119 pages in length.

I was able to download Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade to my Kindle for FREE from Amazon. 

Below is my honest and unbiased review of Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade.

I've always enjoyed reading cozy mystery novels and am always on the look out for new cozy mystery series to read. I'm also intrigued by aromatherapy. So, when I discovered Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade available for FREE on Amazon, deciding to read this cozy mystery novel was a no brainer.

There is both good and bad with Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade. I liked that it is a cozy mystery novella featuring a female amateur sleuth (Ella Sweeting), who is an aromatherapist and socialite. Ella Sweeting recently learns that she comes from a long line of witches, which adds a twist to this cozy mystery novella... Plus, I liked Ella Sweeting's quirky aunts who are witches and the talking cats that only Ella and her aunts can hear speak.

I didn't like Ella Sweeting's annoying, hoity toity mother. Ella's mother is so bossy. I also felt that the mailman, Rory, who Ella has had a crush on for years, always seems to take things that Ella says the wrong way. Rory seems to have a chip on his shoulder every since his family lost their fortune and he has to become a mailman. 

And of course, Ella does some stupid amateur moves that gets her into trouble. Otherwise, Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade is a decent read to pass the time.

The following is a plot summary for Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade from Amazon:
Witches, cats, and murder -- oh, my!
Socialite/Aromatherapist Ella Sweeting wasn't expecting much for her twenty-second birthday. But when three mysterious Aunts (and their cats) barge into her home and introduce her to her latent magical powers, her life turns upside down.
But just as she's getting to know her eccentric and endearing Aunts and learn how to harness her newfound magic, a shocking murder threatens the entire world she's just uncovered. When her mother's best friend Vanessa is found dead, and her Aunts' fingerprints all over the murder weapon, Ella realizes she has to act to save her family.
Combining forces with Rory, the cute mailman she's been crushing on, Ella uses her skills of scent and sense to track the killer. But things get sticky when clues cross social classes, and Ella realizes that catching the killer and clearing her family's name could alienate Rory.
Will Ella catch the killer and still get her man?
I am giving Scent of a Killer by Lisbeth Reade a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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