Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Fond Kiss by Meredith R. Stoddard

Historical Romance Short Story
A Fond Kiss by Meredith R. Stoddard is a historical romance short story approximately 44 pages in length.

I was able to download A Fond Kiss by Meredith R. Stoddard for FREE to my Kindle from Amazon. 

Below is my honest, unbiased review of A Fond Kiss by Meredith R. Stoddard.

Usually, I enjoy historical romances as they can be sweet and charming. However, I thought that A Fond Kiss by Meredith R. Stoddard was very bland, boring, and predictable short story. It's a very forgettable read. I don't have plans to further explore any of the author's other works.

Below is the plot summary  for A Fond Kiss by Meredith R. Stoddard from Amazon:
When Charles French of Berkely, Massachussetts accepted a position in North Carolina, he thought he would save enough money to fund his law studies. He would spend two years tutoring Dr. James Manney's children and then return north for a clerkship. He had not expected to fall in love with the daughter of his employer. Over the course of his two years in the Manney house Charles realizes that the future he wants to build has to include her.

Nancy Manney is the bright, bookish daughter of one of Beaufort's most prominent families who longs to experience the world outside their small seaside town. She finds a kindred spirit in the adventurous young family tutor. They keep their love a secret from her family and plan marry when Charles becomes a lawyer. The only thing standing in their way is her father's pride and determination that she marry into one of the state's leading families. As Charles leaves for his clerkship their love comes up against the wall of Dr. Manney's plans for Nancy setting off a battle of wills that spans decades.
I am giving A Fond Kiss by Meredith R. Stoddard a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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