Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Journey to Becoming a Book Minimalist...

Last month, I posted an article on my blog about breaking one's sentimental attachment to books. I'm in the arduous process of downsizing my current collection of books. It was a tough decision for me to make when I decided to downsize my book collection, mainly because I'm an avid book lover... But alas, I need to downsize my current book collection as I've acquired books faster than I've been able to read them. Books are overflowing everywhere in our home as I no longer have room on my bookshelves to store them properly and I'd prefer to downsize my collection verses purchasing new bookshelves.

I've managed to go through my entire book collection and giveaway 41 books since the beginning of July 2013!! I think this is a good feat since it has been difficult for me to decide on which books I no longer want to read. I still have plenty of books waiting to be read, so it feels like I've hardly made an impact on downsizing my collection. 

The good news though at least, is that I've started the process of downsizing my book collection! Now to simply keep myself focused on reading the books I currently have in order to prevent myself from adding more books to my collection.... This will be no easy task!

Until my next post, have fun reading books!

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  1. I have a room dedicated to my book collection; and this is lucky thing because it keeps it under control in a way. I make sure my collection doesn't leave the door of the room in any way shape or form and it's safe. And I also move it around so I know what books there are around to read in my collection. :D

    And once I read them, most times, I review them and then hand them on to somebody who wants to read them or wild release them. :D