Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Smell of Chocolate in Bookstores Increases Sales!

In an article I discovered on the Huffington Post website titled, Smell of Chocolate In Bookstores Increases Sales, Study Finds by David Winograd, I learned that "A new study from Belgium researchers at Hasselt University suggests that the smell of chocolate in bookstores encourages customers to spend more time browsing for books." 

Winograd's further writes in his article: "The key finding? Overall book sales increased as well, and sales for certain kinds of books, such as romance and food-related books, increased by about 40 percent."

This new study sounds like great news for book retailers as a way to increase sales. I personally know that I'd love to smell the scent of chocolate while browsing through a bookstore! Whether I'd buy more romance novels or food-related books remains to be seen.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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