Thursday, August 29, 2013

A New York Librarian Has Asked a Boy to Stop Reading So Much!

I read an article on Gawker titled Evil Librarian Tells Kid Who Loves Books to Stop Reading So Much by Neetzan Zimmerman.

In the article, Zimmerman writes the following:
A New York library director has asked a little boy who loves books to quit reading so damn much because he's making the other kids look bad.
The Glen Falls Post-Star reports that Marie Gandron, director of the Hudson Falls Public Library accused 9-year-old Tyler Weaver of "hogging" the summer reading club's annual "Dig into Reading" competition, because he's taken the top prize five years in a row.

The contest requires each participating child to read at least 10 books over the course of six weeks in order to get invited to an end-of-summer party.

By comparison, Tyler won the latest event by reading 63 books in just over a month.
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After reading this article in its entirety, it sounds like Tyler loves to read books. Perhaps asking him to stop reading so much, would discourage him from reading altogether, which would be the real travesty here in my opinion.

Besides, if Tyler reads more than any other youngster in the annual "Dig into Reading" competition, why shouldn't he win the top prize fair and square??


  1. Wow ... this might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And from a librarian?! A little healthy competition never hurt ... get the other kids to read more if they want the prize. Or offer a 2nd place prize or something. Ridiculous!