Saturday, August 31, 2013

Granada Books --- A New Independent Bookstore in Santa Barbara!!

Granada Books Storefront
Earlier this week, I finally found sometime to visit a new independent bookstore in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, California called Granada Books. Granada Books opened its doors this year in June!

I love visiting independent bookstores, whether they are sell new or used books or a mixture of both new and used books, as each bookstore has their own unique personality!

Granada Books is an independent bookstore filled with a wonderful selection of new books. I wanted to purchase several books they had to offer during my visit!! The book buyer for Granada Books does an amazing job of filling the store's bookshelves with a wide array of bestselling books to choose from that readers will want to add to their own personal collection or purchase as gifts for that special someone.

The Granada Books storefront is awesome!! It provides an inviting space for shoppers to browse for books to fit every occasion imaginable. I love the layout of the store's interior and how the merchandise is arranged on bookshelves and surrounding display tables. Granada Books is also well lit and offers plenty of natural light, which streams in through large windows in strategic locations. There are also quite a few places to sit and enjoy browsing through books during one's visit to Granada Books. The staff on hand are friendly without being intrusive, which is another perk!

Granada Books store hours are as follows:

Monday through Saturday: 10am to 10pm
Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Granada Books telephone number: (805) 845-1818

Their Facebook page is as follows: 

I wish the folks at Granada Books all the best and look forward to shopping their storefront for many years to come.

Which independent bookstores have you visited lately?

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