Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Manuscripts Don't Burn

Do  you have a favorite quote from a book you've read? One quote that stands out for me is "Manuscripts Don't Burn", which comes from Mikhail Bulgakov's novel The Master & Margarita.

According to Kevin Moss from Middlebury College, the quote "Manuscripts Don't Burn" is explained in the following way:
This phrase became a popular saying in the Soviet Union. It was used especially in reference to writers whose works were considered dangerous by the government. Many of these writers never wrote down their stories or poems. They memorized their works so that the police would not find copies of the writings. This method helped preserve their stories for years. As a result, "manuscripts don't burn" because no matter what happens to the written copy of the work, it will always exist in the mind of its author.
Censorship in any form is a sad state of affairs. I find it interesting to discover which books are deemed "dangerous" or are banned/challenged books. 

Many times I don't understand why some individuals or groups find a particular book offensive enough to want it banned, but such is life. Not everyone is going to like every book, story, or message sent out into the world.... I'm fine with that, as not everyone is going to like everything, but why try to ban or censor the material? Just because one person or group doesn't like something doesn't give them the right to ban the rest of us from reading or having access to the material. 

I'm an adult. I should be able to read what I want and decide for myself what I think about what I've just read.

Which quotes from books you've read are meaningful to you?

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